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Father's Day Bundle
Father's Day Bundle
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Father's Day Bundle

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Treat the father in your life with our Father's Day Bundle.


12oz Smoked Coffee
Smoked Chocolate
Smoked Chocolate + Chili

Smoked Coffee
We take our Volcan 37, which is a medium roast from Guatemala. Then we smoke it over oak at a local KC barbecue joint! NOT Vegan.

Smoked Chocolate
Inspired by the iconic KC barbecue scene! Smoky and sweet!

This bar is a 65% bar that contains smoked cacao, turbinado, and cocoa butter.

We take our cacao nibs and then smoke them over oak at an iconic barbecue joint in town before microgrinding them in house.

*No Gluten, No Soy, No Lecithin, NOT Vegan

Chili Smoked Chocolate
Inspired by the iconic KC barbecue scene! Smoky, sweet, salty, with a bit of a kick!

We take our Smoked Chocolate recipe and then add chipotle Morita chilis and salt!

*No Gluten, No Soy, No Lecithin, NOT Vegan

*Allergy information

It is important to note that we make all of our products in house - including our products that contain nuts, gluten, dairy, and sugars.

We take great care to sanitize between batches, however cross-contamination is always possible. Please consider this risk if you have any food allergies.

Behind the Beans

We take our Volcan 37 coffee and smoke it at a local KC barbecue joint!

We named Volcan 37 after the 37 volcanos in Guatemala, of which 4 are active.

Juan Jose Martin Martin and his wife Martina are indigenous Mayan coffee producers who speak Mam. Jose coordinates the business while Martina is in charge of their family coffee fields and wet mill processing. Martina’s diligent oversight of the way in which the beans are sorted and how long they are dried on the patio contributes to the great quality of this coffee. 

The Martins wet process at a site amongst their fields where their coffee is fully washed. Processing in the remote area of Rio Ocho brings out fruity flavors and less acidic characteristics similar to that of a natural processed coffee.

This coffee is cultivated in the Sierra de Los Cuchumatanes mountains of the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala, approximately 3 hours north of the city of Huehuetenango. This region’s high altitude and limestone rich soil make it optimal for coffee production.

Grind Types Explained
Why Does Grind Type Matter?
Grind size affects the extraction rate of the coffee and therefore affects the flavor of the final brew. Because of the water flow rate and pressure variations between brew methods, different grind sizes suit different brew methods better. You'll want to pick the right one for optimum flavor.
More details than you were looking for? Go with the flat bottom filter. It's our most popular grind type and works in your basic home coffee maker!
Whole Bean 

Whole beans for your home grinder. Your grind, your way.

Flat-Bottom Filter 

Perfect grind for your traditional coffee maker, our most popular grind.

Cone Filter 

Perfect grind for your pour over.

Coffee Press 

Perfect grind for your Aeropress or french press.

Read for Summer Shipping Updates

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What are your shipping options?

Ground shipping: $5.00
Priority and Priority Express: Calculated at checkout

Where do you ship?
We ship to all 50 states! At this time, we are unable to ship internationally.

How do I get free shipping?
We offer free domestic ground shipping on all orders that are $50 or higher. 

What do I need to know about shipping chocolate?
Shipping chocolate is a delicate adventure – especially in the summer.

Our chocolate is especially vulnerable to the effects of temperature fluctuation because we avoid the use of all stabilizers, preservatives, and fillers.

In order to help your chocolates arrive in the way they leave our workshop, we have placed the following systems in place:

  1. We only ship chocolate orders Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays to avoid packages spending the weekend outside of a temperature-controlled environment. Any orders placed Thursday and later will ship the following Monday.
  2. We recommend all chocolate orders are ordered for pick-up or sent by USPS Priority Mail Express.
  3. We cannot offer refunds on chocolate shipped during the summer using USPS Ground or USPS Priority Shipping.
  4. In summer, we ship our chocolates with insulation and icepacks. This utilitarian packing solution helps protect your chocolate in transit.
  5. We occasionally make the tough call to postpone shipping on hot days, and we always update you accordingly.
  6. While we can only offer refunds to customers who have selected USPS Priority Mail Express shipping for their chocolate, please contact us if you are unhappy in any way with your order and we’ll do what we can to make it right.
  7. See our FAQ page for more details on chocolate and temperature!


    Loring Falcon Roaster

    Made in the USA, eco-friendly, and roasts the most delicious coffee.

    Roast on date

    Coffee is fresh for 3 weeks from its roast date if stored well. We stamp each bag with its roast date and ship right after roasting so you can be sure your coffee is fresh. 
    Order fresh. Drink fresh. Rinse and Repeat.

    KC's First

    Making, not melting, chocolate is a craft that takes time, skill, and passion. We were the first company in Kansas City to actually make our own chocolate from cacao nibs!

    Craft Chocolate

    We create quality chocolate from scratch, and keep it clean with simple ingredients!

    Simple packaging

    We love creating quality products that need no embellishment.

    Reinventing the wheel

    Coffee to go just got a whole lot easier.


    βloc is a reimagining of foods and drinks that we already love. The innovative Maps spirit continues to fold its way through our product development as we create more ways for you to enjoy better quality flavors at home (or in the office! or on the side of the trail!).

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