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maps coffee roaster

coffee that tastes good

We roast coffee for taste buds, not trends, on the world's most eco-friendly roaster.

maps coffee pour over

Great Coffee doesn't just happen

...but with a few tweaks it can happen for you.

We're passionate about helping you brew better coffee, no matter where you are in your coffee journey.

Finding your flavor?

Take our quiz to find your perfect roast!

We're blushing!

Take a look at what Kansas City NPR and the Kansas City Star say about us!

βloc allows you to take delicious, edible coffee with you on any journey.

Best Sellers

Best Seller

Milk Blend

from $ 15.00

Best Seller

Box of Bloc

Original Coffee Bloc

$ 10.00

Best Seller


from $ 15.00

Best Seller

Picture of the wrapped bar

Coconut Milk Chocolate

$ 8.25

Live local?

Stop by anytime for a free chocolate and coffee tasting!

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