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Our Chocolate

maps chocolate being made from scratch
adding inclusions by hand to Maps Chocolate

Made, Not melted

What's the difference?
Great question.

Chocolatiers melt and mold chocolate, while chocolate makers actually make the chococolate.

We are chocolate makers.


We have carefully picked clean, pronounceable ingredients to put in our bars.

Our standard recipe simply features cacao, cocoa butter, and turbinado.

We don’t use soy lecithins, preservatives, or additives to extend the shelf life or enhance the flavors of our chocolates.

As if they need enhancing...

clean ingredients going into maps chocolate
Seasonal release S'more's Chocolate

Beyond the Base

While our base recipes are delightfully simple, we expand on that range to offer fun flavors.

Sometimes these ingredients are more fun than clean - trust us, the party's worth it.

From popular seasonal releases to our fiery Chili Pepper Passion, we offer bars that will tease and please the palate.

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