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Our Chocolate

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maps chocolate

Made, Not melted

What's the difference? That's a really good question, and one we get asked a lot.

Typically, chocolatiers melt and mold what is called "couverture." This is an industry term for chocolate, often in the shape of coins, that has been made by someone else.

Melting couverture can create delicious chocolate, especially when sourced from a quality chocolate maker. But we decided to take our quality control to the next level by making our chocolate from scratch rather than melting others' couverture.

This means that we refine cacao nibs for 20+ hours before we can temper the chocolate and pour each bar. That's a lot of love and chocolate science going into each bar.


One of the benefits of making our bars from scratch is that we know what goes into each step of the process. No stray ingredients, just quality!

Though the chocolate making process is complex, our chocolate recipe is almost laughably simple. It's one of the things that makes our chocolate so great.

Our base recipe simply features cacao, cocoa butter, and turbinado (or monk fruit sweetener for our paleo/keto friendly options).

Our bars are gluten free and vegan, unless they feature inclusions that contain gluten or dairy. We don’t use soy lecithin, preservatives, or additives to extend the shelf life or enhance the flavors of our chocolates.

Trust us, they don’t need enhancing.

maps chocolate nibs
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The Finishing Touches

We expand on our basic recipe with our standard favorites and imaginative variations. From milk chocolate to our fiery chili pepper passion, we offer bars that will tease and please the palate.

We're proud to wrap our bars in simple, recyclable packaging. We want you to pay for quality chocolate, not fancy packaging.

And that's exactly what we offer - quality chocolate crafted from quality ingredients, passionately handled with expertise every step of the way.

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