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About Maps

changing your relationship to coffee & chocolate

Our Journey

The current phase of our journey includes a rockstar team, a supportive community, and a range of game-changing coffee and chocolate products. 

But it all began with the effort and vision of one man, whose craftsmanship and innovation is the pulse of everything we do and whose friendly expertise is what brings customers back again and again for fan favorites and his newest creations.

vincent at maps coffee store

Meet our man, Vincent


“I’m a coffee expert, not a coffee a$$hole.”

“Great coffee doesn’t just happen.”

“I’m not a hipster. I’m just a regular guy who likes cool things.”

"Coffee and Chocolate. They're simple, and also complex."


Always one to learn new skills, Vincent began making chocolate 2016. He actually made his first bars on his grandmother’s molcajete!

Once he expanded his chocolate making equipment and honed his craft, he was ready to launch Maps Chocolate in 2017. 

maps chocolate bars
vincent holding maps chocolate
maps bloc - made from coffee


After the sale of the bike shop, he had even more space to experiment with his craft.

That exploration led to micro-grinding coffee as a replacement for cacao in the traditional chocolate bar recipe. This led to  the first version βloc, which officially arrived on the scene in 2019.

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