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The craftsmanship involved in making chocolate led to simple and exciting discoveries. Playing with micro-grinding coffee, peanuts, and other ingredients rather than cacao has led to a whole new concept of portable foods.

Reinventing the wheel

Quality coffee no longer needs to be inaccessible, inconvenient, or even liquid! Take βloc with you to enjoy specialty brew on the go!

Behind bloc

βloc began as a simple answer to a complex problem: plastic waste! This microground coffee bar was originally intended as low-waste alternative to convenient coffee products.

Fast forward to now, βloc's practical applications are about as vast as your imagination. We've seen people bake with it, eat it on camping or bike trips, melt it over ice cream, and even finish off their cocktail with shavings of it. βloc is made even better by your imaginative enjoyment of it!


βloc features the same simple ingredient philosophy as our chocolate: we start with whole ingredients and keep out the additives.

Each βloc bar simply contains cocoa butter, turbinado (or monk fruit sweetener for our paleo and keto fans), and whichever ingredient is being commemorated in βloc form!

While the flavor range is continuing to expand, the recipes stay surprisingly similar. The only thing we love more than using simple, clean ingredients is reimagining what these quality ingredients can create.

Growing Range

βloc has expanded to also include Peanut Butter βloc, which is made from homemade peanut butter. Follow along to see what other flavors develop.

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