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Open Letter about Pricing Updates

To our Awesome Customers!

Like everyone else, our business has been affected by inflation and fluctuations in the supply chain. Therefore, from Monday you’re going to start seeing price increases across our product line.

What won’t be changing?

Our commitment to quality craftsmanship, clean ingredients, and delicious flavors. Our new prices reflect what it costs for us to deliver on those commitments every day.

Evolution of our coffee pricing:

From the beginning, our pricing approach was more of a flat-rate system based on the average cost of our specialty beans.

When we revisited our pricing structure, we realized we needed a more sustainable model. Our new pricing will reflect the value of the actual beans in the bag.

With this new approach, you'll see price increases that vary from product to product. While all our coffees are created deliciously, they are not all created at equal cost. Our new prices will reflect that more accurately.

Throughout the process, we've made sure that we have options available across multiple price points to please every budget!

Our product philosophy:

We are very intentional with the quality of ingredients we put into our coffee, chocolate, and βloc.

We are also continually monitoring and improving our product quality, creating new exciting product offerings, and enriching our classes and events.

It is our goal to knock your socks off with what we create, and to invite you into the process anywhere you'd like along the way.

Future of our pricing:

After an initial increase of our coffee prices, you'll notice some other adjustments in the coming months as we continue to refine our range.

We promise to always price our products fairly, but in a way that will keep us around to craft your coffee and chocolate for a long time to come.

Heartfelt conclusion:

Thank you so much for being our customer.

Your passions inspire us, your patronage fuels us, and your tastebuds are our boss. Here's to more good coffee, good chocolate, and good times!


(we mean it)

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