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Scarlet Macaw

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Grind Type

Roast: Medium

Origin: Honduras

Varietal: Lempira

Process: Fully washed and patio dried

Tasting: Berry, caramel, chocolate, peanut, floral, molasses

Recommended for: breakfast coffee - great with bacon, eggs, oatmeal. Blends well with milk.

Behind the Beans

The Scarlet Macaw is the striking national bird of Honduras, the origin of this delicious coffee.

These beans are brought to us by Serrano Farms, which is owned and managed by Jorge Arturo Serrano. Jorge is a coffee producer located in the mountains of Comayagua, Honduras, where he lives with his wife Vanessa and three children. In addition to producing coffee, Jorge is a veterinarian and entrepreneur.

Jorge reinvests his profits into local organizations and projects in his community. As a part of the board of directors for Great Commission Latin America, Jorge is passionate about church planting and enabling small businesses to create sustainable futures for those in their communities. 

Jorge started out growing coffee on a plot of land that he inherited from his grandparents, and since then has continued to acquire land in order to grow his business. He employs 40-100 locals each year to help harvest coffee and process it at the wet mill on his land, paying each staff member above fair wage. Jorge has also set aside a portion of land that he is developing as a nature reserve and is home to many native plants and animals. 

Grind Types Explained
Why Does Grind Type Matter?
Grind size affects the extraction rate of the coffee and therefore affects the flavor of the final brew. Because of the water flow rate and pressure variations between brew methods, different grind sizes suit different brew methods better. You'll want to pick the right one for optimum flavor.
More details than you were looking for? Go with the flat bottom filter. It's our most popular grind type and works in your basic home coffee maker!
Whole Bean 

Whole beans for your home grinder. Your grind, your way.

Flat-Bottom Filter 

Perfect grind for your traditional coffee maker, our most popular grind.

Cone Filter 

Perfect grind for pour over. Also ideal for Aeropress.

Coffee Press 

Perfect grind for french press.

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We occasionally make the tough call to postpone shipping on hot days, and we always update you accordingly.

Please contact us if you are unhappy in any way with your order and we’ll do what we can to make it right.

See our FAQ page for more details on chocolate and temperature!


    Loring Falcon Roaster

    Made in the USA, eco-friendly, and roasts the most delicious coffee.

    roast on date

    Coffee tastes best if you drink it before it expires, which is usually happens 3 weeks after roasting.

    Maps Coffee is always shipped within our strict 3 week window.

    We stamp each bag with its roast date so you can be sure your coffee is fresh.

    Order fresh. Drink fresh. Rinse and Repeat.

    Smooth Roast

    Our signature roast profiles are never bitter and taste great with or without milk!

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