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Coffee Kansas City

When you're looking for the best coffee in Kansas City, we know there are many great options. Whether you're in the northland or down south, we think your best place for Kansas City coffee is Maps Coffee.

Here are 10 reasons why Maps Coffee offers the best coffee in KC.

Fresh beans

The coffee in your cup is only as good as the journey it has taken to get there. That journey begins at the origin of the bean.

We work with importers who prioritize partnerships with farmers as well as the quality of their beans. This type of relationship with the farmers is a very important piece of the quality puzzle. Yes, you can definitely taste the quality difference. But you can also enjoy your cup more knowing that from source to cup, the people involved in making your coffee are meaningfully and sustainably employed.

If this is something you haven't considered before as a part of your coffee journey, take some time to learn more about why specialty coffee is having a real moment in time. Mainstream coffee is often traded on the commodity market, which means it is based on the futures price and comes with no quality specifications.

While often fine - or even great - coffee, you have no guarantees that farmers are paid appropriately for their work or that the coffee will be good.

Specialty coffee must score 80+ on the Specialty Coffee Association's standards of quality. Farmers can charge more for higher quality beans, and we get to enjoy the end result of that exchange.

While there is a range of quality and ethics even within specialty coffee, we are proud of our partners and believe that we are doing what we can at this stage of our business to support ethical coffee farming and importation. We take pride in the quality of our beans, and once they hit our workshop we work tirelessly to do those beans justice.

We never stop experimenting

We believe that we offer the best coffee in Kansas City right now. But we also believe our coffee can be better. That's why we're also mixing and matching new beans, flavors, and roasts.

Small batches

Our small batches are perfect for any situation.

Work from home? Try our 12 oz bag.

Have multiple coffee drinkers in the house? Our 2.5 lb bag might be right for you.

Buy for the entire office? The 5 lb bag is exactly what you need.

Our batch sizes allow us to produce the freshest coffee, and we always print the roast date on the bag so you know how fresh it is.

A Loring falcon roaster

Part of the process of making the most of our beans is roasting on this baby. We are proud parents of a Loring Falcon Smart Roaster, which consistently roasts delicious tasting coffee.

This guy is designed and made in the USA. It is also insanely eco-friendly, producing 80% less greenhouse gasses than other roasters - heck yes! Its consistent roasts and fuel-saving technology ensure you get the best coffee and the best feeling every time.

We teach you about coffee

We offer three different private sessions that teach you about coffee.

Guest session

Learn the basics of roasting coffee and making chocolate. This class allows you to see both our operations in action. We will roast enough coffee for 10 bags and pour 10 bars of 65% chocolate, which you get to take home with you. Great for groups of up to 10 people.

My Roast 10

Roast your coffee with us: your roast profile, your beans… your roast! We start with about 12 lbs of beans and finish with a net 10 lbs of fresh roasted coffee in about 12 minutes. Leave with your own custom roasted coffee!

My Roast 5

Roast your coffee with us: your roast profile, your beans… your roast! We start with about 6lbs of beans and finish with a net of 5 lbs of fresh roasted coffee in about 12 minutes. Leave with the equivalent of 6 12oz bags of your own custom roasted coffee!

While you’re learning all about coffee, you can also enjoy our Maps coffee shop. Rafael R. talks about our coffee shop on Google, “Their shop is so cool, very industrial! They roast all of their beans right behind the counter, so you can see the work they put in anytime you walk in. They also have some awesome Hario pour over products for sale in their lobby so even if you are waiting, its fun to just window shop that stuff.”

Our love for bikes and coffee

In 2013, Vincent left almost two decades in a corporate job at Starbucks to open a bike shop where he made handmade bicycles in the back workshop. A year after opening, Vincent bought his coffee roaster and began roasting coffee.
Bikes and coffee — who knew?

Local bike fans sure did, and they spread the word about Maps coffee like wildfire (thanks guys!). Some of our original bike shop blends are still on our shelves, and they are inspired by the passion of the Kansas City bike community.

By 2018, Maps coffee had grown to the point where Vincent was ready to sell the bike shop. The love of bikes continues, however, and we still make room in the workshop for occasional tinkering.

We have Vincent



“I’m a coffee expert, not a coffee a$$hole.”
“Great coffee doesn’t just happen.”
“I’m not a hipster. I’m just a regular guy who likes cool things.”
"Coffee and Chocolate. They're simple, and also complex."

Coffee on repeat

Our coffee is available for subscription!

We understand how busy life can be, and it’s a bad feeling to attempt to make coffee and then realizing there’s no coffee left. With our coffee on auto-pilot, you’ll never have to worry about running out of fresh coffee again.

Don't take our word for it

"No sense of coffee snobbery here, folks. Just really good coffee." — James K.
"Great coffee and chocolate! Also, some slick custom bike frames — very cool. Highly recommended." — Noel P.
"Great coffee and fantastic service. A real gem in downtown Lenexa!" — Karen N.


And, take a look at what NPR Kansas City, Kansas City Star, and Bicycle Retailer say about us!

Blends and single origins

Taste your way across the map with our delicious single-origin coffees.
These coffees have been expertly blended from beans across the globe to create well-balanced, delicious brews.

Easily accessible from any KC direction

We’re just a short drive away, no matter where you live in the KC area. Live up north in Liberty or Gladstone? We’re just a 40-minute drive from your part of town.

Live in downtown Kansas City? Our cafe is about 15 minutes away.

Or do you live down south in Olathe? Take a short 10-minute drive north to our shop.

No matter where you live in the KC area, we’re not too far away.

No matter what part of Kansas City you're from — the northland, downtown, or south KC — we've got the best coffee for you. Stop by our coffee shop or order a bag online.


13440 Santa Fe Trail Dr, Lenexa, KS 66215

(913) 281-6508


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