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Island of Gold
Island of Gold
Island of Gold
Island of Gold
Island of Gold
Island of Gold
Coffee cherries
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Island of Gold

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Grind Type

Roast: Light

Origin: Sumatra

Varietal:  Timor, Catimor

Process: Semi-washed

Tasting: light, earthy, nutty

Recommended for: those who enjoy lighter flavors

Behind the Beans

One of Sumatra's ancient Sanskrit names, Suwarnadwīpa, means "Island of Gold."

Arisarina Cooperative is a coffee producers' cooperative established in 2013, with a membership that has reached 2,494 farmers. The farmers share common goals to improve the quality of coffee grown in the Gayo highlands and to maintain and preserve the ecosystem. 

These goals are evident in the cooperative’s use of the shade tree method. When using this method, farms plant different kinds/heights of trees alongside the coffee plants. Not only does this decrease pests and disease (and therefore the use of chemical pesticides), it also creates an ecologically diverse environment and reduces stress on the area. This method isn’t commonly used in Indonesia, so it’s really cool to see this cooperative doing it so well! 

Gayo is considered one of the largest Arabica coffee plantations in South East Asia, with plantations that are 100% managed by local farmers. This coffee carries the unique Geographical Identification (GI) certification helping to protect producers against unfair competition, counterfeiting, and adds value to the product that gains competitive advantage. This coffee is also Fair Trade and certified Organic.

Grind Types Explained
Why Does Grind Type Matter?
Grind size affects the extraction rate of the coffee and therefore affects the flavor of the final brew. Because of the water flow rate and pressure variations between brew methods, different grind sizes suit different brew methods better. You'll want to pick the right one for optimum flavor.
More details than you were looking for? Go with the flat bottom filter. It's our most popular grind type and works in your basic home coffee maker!
Whole Bean 

Whole beans for your home grinder. Your grind, your way.

Flat-Bottom Filter 

Perfect grind for your traditional coffee maker, our most popular grind.

Cone Filter 

Perfect grind for pour over. Also ideal for Aeropress.

Coffee Press 

Perfect grind for french press.

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    John W.

    Maximum freshness and taste

    We really like Maps coffee. Our favorite is to blend Island Of Gold And Ethiopian for our morning eye opener. Maps provides the best roasted beans and we grind them at home for maximum freshness and taste. It�s well worth it to make the drive from Topeka to Lenexa to get the best coffee around!

    Sara W.

    Great morning coffee

    I love a good cup of light roast in the morning to kick start my brain, this one does the trick without assaulting your palate. I was a huge fan of the Cadence blend before having met the Island of Gold. The difference for me was the super mellow acidity yet round sweet almost syrupy structure that the Island of Gold has. The Cadence blend by comparison is a bit more pronounced having stronger fruity acidity and a very similar roundness overall that balances the acidity. Both are great blends, but going forward I will try the Cadence as a cold brew and keep the Island of Gold as my warm morning cup of Joe. Nice work as always MAPS! You roast some of the best beans I�ve ever had.


    Loring Falcon Roaster

    Made in the USA, eco-friendly, and roasts the most delicious coffee.

    roast on date

    Maps Coffee is always shipped within our strict 3 week window - we'll never send out a bag past its prime.

    We stamp each bag with its roast date so you can be sure your coffee is fresh.

    Order fresh. Drink fresh. Rinse and Repeat.

    Smooth Roast

    Our signature roast profiles are never bitter and taste great with or without milk!

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