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How to Brew with an Aeropress

If you haven't tried making coffee with an Aeropress before, you have to give it a try. Aeropress makes a cleaner cup of coffee than a traditional plunger method. There is a small, circular filter inside that catches the coffee oils and sediment that can make their way into a french press cup.

It may look a little intimidating because it comes out of the box with so many pieces, but it's actually pretty simple after a few key instructions. Read on, and we'll have you making delicious coffee in no time!
Aeropress and Maps mug

What you'll need:

Aeropress + Accessories
Your favorite mug
Milk, sugar, etc.

Step 1:

Assemble your Aeropress! Put the end with the suction plunger into the side of the hollow tube opposite the hexagon. You'll know it's right if the hexagon is facing up and the numbers are upside down.

Step 2:

Measure out 14 grams of coffee and pop those guys in the grinder. Grind to a medium-fine grind type. Pour the grinds into the inverted Aeropress.
Pour water into Aeropress

Step 3:

Pour 200g of 195° water into the top of the Aeropress. Start your timer and let those grinds steep for 2 minutes. While they're steeping, place the filter inside the circular screen and rinse with hot water.
Agitate the grounds in the Aeropress

Step 4:

At the 2 minute mark, use the included stick or a spoon to stir the grounds a few times before screwing the screen with the filter on to the top of the Aeropress.
Place the mug upside down on the Aeropress

Step 5:

Place your mug upside down on the top of the Aeropress. You can also place the funnel included with the Aeropress on top before putting the mug into place. Then carefully flip the entire structure so the base of the mug is on the counter.
Press your Aeropress

Step 6:

Press down on the top of your Aeropress until all of the liquid has passed through the bed of coffee into your mug. Take about 15 seconds to complete your extraction!

Best Part:

Enjoy your coffee, your way!

Tools to help you get started:

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