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First Timer's Hario Pour Over Guide

If you are just starting out on your pour over journey, we recommend you start simply. Manual filter brewing is so rewarding, and we want your first steps to be aromatic and enjoyable without the complexity that can quickly come into the equation as you go deeper down the coffee rabbit hole.

We've put together this super simple guide to get you going on your journey!

What You'll Need

*Hario V60 Dripper
*Hario Filter Paper
*Hario Measuring Spoon
Hario Drip Kettle Air
12oz coffee mug or *Hario Carafe
*Coffee ground medium-fine
Boiling hot water
Milk and sugar as desired
*included in your Pour Over Kit
The dripper goes on top of your coffee mug or carafe, and a filter goes inside the dripper. Rinse the filter paper with hot water and dump out of the mug or carafe. You're ready to go!
Fill one Hario measuring spoon with ground coffee and then distribute those grounds evenly into the dripper. Fill boiling water up to the 300ml line of your Hario Drip Kettle Air.
Pour just enough water into the dripper to cover the grounds, and then wait 30 seconds. During this time, you may see CO2 bubbles being released from the grounds. This is a part of coffee science that allows for a better tasting cup. Besides releasing these gasses, the bloom is a great time to take in the steam and the aroma of the brewing coffee.


After your coffee has completed the bloom, go ahead and pour in the rest of the water. The focused stream of the water from the Hario Drip Kettle Air allows you to practice pouring in a circular motion to be sure you evenly cover the grounds with water.


Enjoy your way!
Pour Over Deeper Dive
Adjusting Brew Variables

Where to next?

An easy place to start is with our beginner's guide to brewing better coffee. This includes tips on how to make delicious coffee, no matter which brew method you use.

If you want to dive deeper into pour over, check out the recipe we use in our tasting room! You can also learn how to brew with other brew methods, like Aeropress, or nerd out by playing with detailed brew variables to work toward your perfect cup!

Great Beginner Coffees for Pour Over

Best Tools for Pour Over Beginners

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